159 Georgia Together
Learn. Resist. Act.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

159 Georgia Together consistently promotes progressive values and facilitate grassroots activism throughout Georgia at the local, state and federal levels. We partner with other progressive organizations to improve the lives of Georgians in all 159 counties.

We Believe: Our Vision

We believe in freedom for all under the rule of law that recognizes equal rights and human rights without regard to race, religion, gender or creed, family status, national origin, gender identification, sexual orientation or economic status.

We believe government should advance the common good, secure and protect all rights, especially those most vulnerable including refugees, in addition to supporting equal representation and voting rights, as well as protecting the environment.

We want an economy that works for everyone, not just the select few.

Our Purpose

Change can best be effected through grassroots activism — person by person, county by county, state by state. 159 Georgia Together will work to ensure all are treated fairly under the law, that we will fight through grassroots efforts, direct action and working with other organizations to:

  • Eliminate racism systemically, institutionally and personally by fighting to ensure there is no voter suppression and that all have equal representation in our local, state and federal elections;
  • Ensure that all enjoy the same rights and privileges under the law and Constitution regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation and identification;
  • Support equal pay for equal work, gender equality, and freedom from sexual harassment;
  • Strengthen public education throughout the state, including in urban, suburban and rural areas;
  • Ensure quality accessible and affordable healthcare for rural and urban areas for all;
  • Ensure that all are free from religious discrimination; and
  • Preserve the environment for future generations.
We Will


  • Read, talk, expand our comfort zones.
  • Participate in online groups to expose ourselves to people and ideas outside of our immediate community.


  • Reach outside our homes by participating in phone and email Calls to Action to support change.
  • Meet people face to face to exchange ideas and broaden network.
  • Share our views in a constructive way with people who hold different beliefs.
  • Provide a safe zone for those who are disenfranchised or victimized in the current political environment through our Facebook group and other forums.


  • Lead or participate in change making activities and commit time and resources.
  • Create leadership opportunities and elect officials throughout the state of Georgia to put in place individuals and support organizations who support the vision and purpose of this group.
  • Work with other groups to affect the changes necessary to ensure all are treated fairly and the most vulnerable are protected with a safety net.
  • Collaborate with other grassroots groups working in these areas to amplify and affect positive change.
Wendy Cromwell