159 Georgia Together
Learn. Resist. Act.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

We Will


  • Read, talk, expand our comfort zones.
  • Participate in online groups to expose ourselves to people and ideas outside of our immediate community.


  • Reach outside our homes by participating in phone and email Calls to Action to support change.
  • Meet people face to face to exchange ideas and broaden network.
  • Share our views in a constructive way with people who hold different beliefs.
  • Provide a safe zone for those who are disenfranchised or victimized in the current political environment through our Facebook group and other forums.


  • Lead or participate in change making activities and commit time and resources.
  • Create leadership opportunities and elect officials throughout the state of Georgia to put in place individuals and support organizations who support the vision and purpose of this group.
  • Work with other groups to affect the changes necessary to ensure all are treated fairly and the most vulnerable are protected with a safety net.
  • Collaborate with other grassroots groups working in these areas to amplify and affect positive change.
Wendy Cromwell