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Senate Races

Senate District 6


  • County: Cobb and Fulton counties
  • Metro Area/Region:  Atlanta Area
  • Cities/Towns/Areas:  Vinings (all), Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Marietta and Smyrna (parts)


  • Population: 177,247
  • Median Household Income: $62,500
  • Education:
    • Completed High School 29%
    • Completed College/Beyond 64%
  • Race:
    • White 57%
    • Black 21%
    • Hispanic 14%
    • Asian 6%


  • Congressional District(s): Majority in GA-11; also in GA-5, GA-6, GA-13
  • GA House Districts:HD-40, HD-41, HD-42, HD-43, HD-52, HD-53, HD-54 and HD-80


2016 Clinton 55% Trump 40% Margin=D+15%
2012 Obama 46% Romney 53% Margin=R+7%

District Election Results

Year Candidate Percentage Vote Total
2017 Special Election Run-off Jennifer Jordan
63.9% 10,688
Jaha Howard (D)
36.1% 6,028
2017 Special Election Leah Aldridge, Charlie Fiveash, Matt Bently, Kathy Eicenblatt and Leo Smith (R)
Jen Jordan (D) and Jaha Howard (D)
2014 Hunter Hill (R)
51.92% 42,338
Haha Howard (D)
48.08% 39,201
2012 Hunter Hill (R)
60.9% 29,383
Antron Johnson(D)
39.1 18,904



Prior to the special election, Sen. Jen Jordan raised $395,858. Of this amount, $213,612 came from uncoded donors, and $123,500 came from lawyers or lobbyists. The next highest fundraiser in that election was Republican Leah Aldridge at $309,300.  In 2016, Hunter Hill raised $328,850 and Jaha Howard raised $179,107. Hill raised a total of $1,668,976 in his 4 races for SD 6.


In 2012, Republican Hunter Hill defeated incumbent Democrat Doug Stoner by a relatively narrow margin following Republican gerrymandering in 2011. In 2017, Hill resigned his seat to run for the Republican nomination for governor. In the initial special election in 2017, Republican candidates won 50.7 percent of the total vote, but the top two finishers were both Democrats (Jen Jordan and Jaha Howard).

Hillary Clinton won this district by 15 percentage points.  

Jennifer Jordan (D) is a lawyer with strong trial experience and credentials. Trial experience includes cases against payday lenders in Georgia, scoring a win for consumers.  She also sued Brian Kemp in 2015 over the voting information breach at the SOS office. She graduated from Georgia Southern magna cum laude, and likewise from UGA School of Law.

Leah Aldridge (R)  the Republican challenger, was the number one Republican votegetter in the special election of 2017.  She’s an attorney, and is running on a pro-business, anti-tax  platform, emphasizing “competition” as a solution for healthcare problems in Georgia.

John Gordon (R) and Jamie Parrish (R) are also running for this seat, though no information is available about them at this time.

In the 2017 special election, Jennifer Jordan got 24.4 percent of the vote and Leah Aldridge got 18.4 percent. Since no candidate got over 50 percent, Jordan had a runoff with the second highest votegetter, Jaha Howard.  In that election, Jordan won 63.9 percent to 39.1 percent.