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Civic Engagement: Ways You Can Help

Civic Engagement:
Ways You Can Help

Want to fight voter suppression? Be an election board monitor, with the ACLU of GA (statewide, in 20 key counties)

As November fast approaches, the ACLU of Georgia is kicking off a new volunteer-led project to monitor local boards of elections in 20 key counties across the state. The goal is to keep a watchful eye on wrongful closures or changes to precincts, elimination voters from the rolls, and other actions that limit access to the ballot.

Volunteers will attend monthly board of elections meetings in your own county, take notes at the meeting, report those notes to the ACLU of Georgia office, and check the county legal newspaper - at least weekly - for announcements. No prior experience necessary. Training will be provided.

Counties involved:





















To sign up/for more info, contact: Stephanie Jackson Ali, sali@acluga.org, or (205) 520-3434.

Marvin Lim