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Civic Engagement: Ways You Can Help

Civic Engagement:
Ways You Can Help

Indivisible Georgia Coalition: Election Action Volunteers (statewide)

Indivisible Georgia Coalition is joining forces with progressive partner organizations around the state to build progressive power on the ground and get out the vote in targeted, community-driven ways (knocking on doors, making phone calls, writing letters or postcards, driving volunteers or voters to the polls, providing childcare for volunteers, providing food or meeting locations for volunteers or staff).

This election-focused work is different and will operate outside the construct of any campaign or party (by law). Indivisible will talk to voters about issues that matter to us and them, and about candidates who reflect those values. Indivisible will also organize days of action and support group leaders organizing for impact in important local races.

Join with your local Indivisible chapter and other progressives by volunteering here https://goo.gl/forms/AXdgAcoHRXyZ5LZX2.

Marvin Lim