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Civic Engagement: Ways You Can Help

Civic Engagement:
Ways You Can Help


At 159 Georgia Together, we work to spotlight the political challenges - and great progressive work, in response - all over the state. In southwest Georgia, Albany is a city of over 70 percent African Americans. But voter participation among minority populations has been a challenge - and they remain underrepresented in important government bodies, like the City Commission.

Seeing this, Delinda Bryant, a lifelong resident, formed the Albany Voter's Coalition. Seeking to empower underrepresented voters, the Coalition designed a "Bank the Ballot" program, which sought to take the polls to the community, by helping folks complete absentee ballots before the election. With a number of volunteers you can count on your hands, they delivered 496 complete ballots during the 2018 primary elections.

Albany Voter's Coalition wants to bank 1,000 completed absentee ballots - and, to do it, they need more volunteers in the community. Come join the Coalition, along with Spread the Vote, at their BBQ launch on Sept. 1, to learn more. 

*Sat, Sep 1, 11 am - 2 pm @ 1007 East Clark Ave, Albany, GA 31705 (to RSVP/for more info, contact Delinda: bryandel55@gmail.com)

And, if you're not in Albany, but have friends there - SPREAD THE WORD. Support progressive groups all over the state.

Marvin Lim