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Ballot Measures

2018 State-Wide Ballot Measures

Referendum B

Would give property tax break to nonprofit homes for the mentally disabled even if for-profit corporations are included in the ownership structure for financing purposes.


Appears to be a tax break for a for-profit "business corporation or other entity." Retroactive tax benefits for disabled vets already available. 

  • Exemptions such as this are typically reserved for citizens not corporations. — Garland Favorito, Voter GA

  • Opposed by Voter GA & Necessary Trouble Indivisible


Encourages construction of more homes for people who are mentally disabled and offers retroactive tax benefits for veterans who are declared disabled after delayed diagnosis due to VA backlogs..

  • This technical change should be approved so as not to disqualify a home for the mentally disabled from the ad valorem tax exemption it would otherwise receive – Davide Hudson, Georgia Press Association

  • Strong support in the Georgia Assembly. Of 206 total votes cast (Senate and House combined) only 8 voted No (4 Rs and 4 Ds)

  • Supported by DeKalb Strong & Galvanize Georgia

  • Supported by Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, Representative Elect Becky Evans, 

Wendy Cromwell