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Georgia Senate

2018 Georgia Senate Races

Flippable Districts

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There are six state Senate seats where we need to support progressive candidates. Hillary Clinton won three of the districts that have conservative senators and performed 45 percent or better in an additional senate district. Let's break it down, shall we?

senate district 17.png


Sen. Brian Strickland won the special election in January. However, this district is turning purple and bears watching and cultivating. 




Sen. David Shafer ran unopposed in 2016. This is a district that Hillary Clinton won by 5.3 percent. It could be flippable.



Sen. Fran Millar says the 6th Congressional District was drawn to elect Republicans. How about we work to get new representation in this state district?

Districts to Watch

senate district 32.png


Sen. Kay Kirkpatrick had to fight to keep the seat in Republican control during the May 2017 special election runoff. Remember, this was the first time a Democrat ran for the seat in ages. The district could be a toss-up.



In District 56, Donald Trump barely won by 3.4 percent, while Sen. John Albers won by 19 percent. This district is trending purple based on the 2016 election and the April 2017 special election.

District to Protect

District Candidate Affiliation Incumbent Website Facebook Twitter ID
S6 Jennifer Auer Jordan Democrat Yes jen4ga.com facebook.com/Jen4Ga @jenAuerJordan
Leah Stanton Aldridge Republican No LeahForGeorgia.com facebook.com/pg/LeahForGeorgia N/A


Sen. Hunter Hill run for the GOP nomination for governor. Progressive Jen Jordan won the December special election runoff. Given that and Hillary Clinton's margin of victory, we need to protect this new progressive district.


District Worth Monitoring

District Candidate Affiliation Incumbent Website Facebook Twitter ID
S23 Jesse Stone Republican Yes votejessestone.com facebook.com/stoneforsenate @Stone4GASenate
senate district 23.png


Incumbent Sen. Jesse Stone was unopposed in 2016. Given the location near Augusta and the Savannah River Site, it seems like the  high tech industries and higher education institutions indicate this district should be on the let's-watch-and-cultivate list.


Other Senate Races

District Candidate Affiliation Incumbent Website Facebook Twitter ID
S1 Ben Watson Republican Yes benwatsonforsenate.com facebook.comcom/BenWatsonGA @RepBenWatson
Sandra Workman Democrat No workman4senate.com facebook.comcom/SandraWorkman4Senate @workman4senate
S2 Lester Jackson Democrat Yes N/A facebook.comcom/Drlesterjacksonsenator @senljackson
S3 William T. Ligon Republican Yes senatorligon.com facebook.comcom/william.ligon.3 @williamligon
Jerrold Dagen Democrat No dagenforsenate.org facebook.com/Dagen-For-Senate @dagenforsenate
S4 Jack Hill Republican Yes senatorjackhill.com/ facebook.com/Senator-Jack-Hill N/A
S5 Sheikh Rahman Democrat No rahmanga.com facebook.com/rahmanforga @rahmanforga
S7 Tyler Harper Republican Yes harperforGeorgia.com facebook.com/TylerHarper @Harper4Georgia
S8 Ellis Black Republican Yes ellisblack.com facebook.com/EllisBlackGA N/A
S9 P.K. Martin IV Republican Yes voteforpk.com facebook.com/VotePKMartin @pkmartiniv
Cheryle R. Moses Democrat No cherylereneemoses.com facebook.com/iamcherylemoses @iamcherylemoses
S10 Emanuel Jones Democrat Yes senatoremanueljones.com facebook.comcom/emanuel.d.jones @emanueldjones
S11 Dean Burke Republican Yes burkeforsenate.com facebook.com/Dr.DeanBurke @drdeanburke
S12 Freddie Powell Sims Democrat Yes N/A N/A @Freddie_Sims
S13 Greg Kirk Republican Yes gregkirk.org facebook.com/Greg-Kirk-State-Senate-District-13 @SenatorGregKirk
S14 Bruce Thompson Republican Yes brucethompsonga.com facebook.com/brucethompsonga @BruceThompsonGA
Rachel A. Kinsey Democrat No kinseyfor14.com facebook.com/rachelakinsey @kinseyfor14
S15 Ed Harbison Democrat Yes edharbison.com facebook.com/SenatorEdHarbison @sen_ed_harbison
S16 Marty Harbin Republican Yes votemartyharbin.com facebook.com/VoteMartyHarbin @voteharbin
Bill Lightle Democrat No electbilllightle.com facebook.com/Bill4the16 N/A
S18 John F. Kennedy Republican Yes votejohnfkennedy.com facebook.com/JohnKennedyforStateSenate N/A
S19 Blake Tillery Republican Yes blaketillery.com facebook.com/Blake-Tillery-for-State-Senate @BlakeTillery
S20 Larry Walker III Republican Yes N/A facebook.com/SenatorLarryWalker N/A
S21 Brandon Beach Republican Yes beachforsenate.com facebook.com/beachforgeorgia @beachforsenate
Nicole Nash Democrat No nashforgeorgia.com facebook.com/NashForGA @NashForG
S22 Harold V Jones II Democrat Yes N/A facebook.com/haroldv.jones.9 @SenHaroldJones
S24 Lee Anderson Republican Yes voteleeanderson.com facebook.com/VoteLeeAnderson N/A
S25 Burt Jones Republican Yes burtjonesforga.com facebook.com/burtjonesforga @burtjonesforga
S26 David Lucas Democrat Yes davidlucasforgasenate.com facebook.com/profile.php?id=100007222442469 N/A
S27 Greg Dolezal Republican Open dolezalforsenate.com facebook.com/dolezalforsenate @dolezal4senate
Steve Smith Democrat Open stevesmithforgeorgia.com facebook.com/SteveSmithForGeorgia @SteveforGeorgia
S28 Matt Brass Republican Yes mattbrass.org facebook.com/Matt-Brass-for-State-Senate @vote_matt_brass
S29 Randy Robertson Republican Open robertsonforgeorgia.com facebook.com/robertsonforgeorgia @robertsonforga
Valerie Haskins Democrat Open valeriehaskins.com facebook.com/valerie4GA @Valerie4GA
S30 Mike Dugan Republican Yes mikedugan.org facebook.com/LTCMichaelDugan @mdugan30
S31 Bill Heath Republican Yes http://billheath.net facebook.com/StateSen.BillHeath N/A
S33 Micheal ‘Doc’ Rhett Democrat Yes drmichaelrhett.com facebook.com/Senatordocrhett N/A
S34 Valencia Seay Democrat Yes seayforsenate.org facebook.com/SenatorValenciaSeay @valenciaseay
Tommy Smith Republican No N/A facebook.com/Hendrix4778/ N/A
S35 Donzella James Democrat Yes donzellajames.com facebook.com/donzella.james @SenatorDJames
S36 Nan Orrock Democrat Yes nanorrock.com facebook.com/senatornanorrock @SenNanOrrock
S37 Lindsey Tippins Republican Yes tippinsforsenate.com facebook.comcom/Tippins-For-Senate N/A
Andy Clark Democrat No clarkforgeorgia.us facebook.com/clarkforgeorgia @RealAndyClark
S38 Horacena Tate Democrat Yes horacenatate.co facebook.com/HoracenaTateGA @HoracenaTate
Travis Klavohn Republican No travisklavohn.com facebook.com/travisforsenate @TRKlavohn
S39 Nikema Williams Democrat Yes nikemaforsenate.com facebook.com/nikemaforsenate @nikemaforsenate
S41 Steve Henson Democrat Yes enatorhenson.com facebook.com/stephen.b.henson @senstevehenson
S42 Elena Parent Democrat Yes elenaparent.com facebook.com/elenaparentforstatesenate @elenaparent
S43 Tonya Anderson Democrat Yes tonyapanderson.com facebook.comcom/electtonyapanderson @tonyapanderson
S44 Gail Davenport Democrat Yes gaildavenport.com/ facebook.com/gaildavenport @gail_davenport
S45 Renee Unterman Republican Yes reneeunterman.org facebook.com/reneeunterman1 @Renee_Unterman
Jana Rodgers Democrat No janarodgers.us facebook.com/Rodgers-for-GA-Senate-45th N/A
S46 Bill Cowsert Republican Yes billcowsert.com facebook.com/Bill-Cowsert @BillCowsert
Marisue Hilliard Democrat No hilliard46.com facebook.com/HilliardSD46 @HilliardSD46
S47 Frank Ginn Republican Yes frankginn.com facebook.com/frank.ginn.50 N/A
Dawn Johnson Democrat No electdawn.org facebook.com/DawnJohnsonforStateSenate47 @DawnSenate47
S49 Cecil T. Butch Miller Republican Yes butchforsenate.com N/A N/A
S50 John Wilkinson Republican Yes votewilkinson.com facebook.com/SenJohnWilkinson @senjwilkinson
S51 Steve Gooch Republican Yes votegooch.com facebook.com/State-Senator-Steve-Gooch @stephengooch
S52 Chuck Hufstetler Republican Yes N/A facebook.com/Chuck4Senate52 @chuck4senate52
Evan Ross Democrat No evanross4senate.com facebook.com/evanross4senate @evanross4senate
S53 Jeff Mullis Republican Yes jeffmullis.com facebook.com/Jeff-Mullis N/A
S54 Chuck Payne Republican Yes payneforsenate.com facebook.comcom/chuckpayne @Chuck_Payne
Michael S. Morgan Democrat No michaelmorganforsenate.com facebook.com/michaelmorganforsenate @mikemorgan4ga
S55 Gloria Butler Democrat Yes N/A facebook.com/Senator-Gloria-Butler @SenGloriaButler
Annette Davis Jackson Republican No annettedjackson.wixsite.com/annette-for-senate55 facebook.com/AnnetteDavisJacksonforStateSenate N/A