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Safety Net Programs at Risk with Tax Proposals

Let us not lose sight of the fact this is a continuing war, especially when dealing with a party that has left some measure of its collective sense behind. The next battles are budget cuts, including cuts to CHIP, which will produce profound injuries to the least well off and most disabled among us. #159HealthCare #159Advocacy

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Russia Investigation Heating Up But Don't Get Distracted

Don't get distracted from the health care fight. Sen. Mitch McConnell is in need of a distraction so he can pass the monstrosity of the Senate health care bill. The current attack is focused on essential health benefits like maternity leave coverage and pre-existing condition protections. Make the calls. Attend the rallies. Be heard. #159HealthCare

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Full Court Press to Save Medicaid, Access to Health Care for All

Shall we make the calls? Send faxes via Resistbot and rally? We are for health care for all. We are for Medicaid and those with disabilities being able to live independently. We are for those with pre-existing conditions not being penalized or fined through no fault of their own. We must do these things because lives depend on it. This is not hyperbole. This is fact. #159HealthCare #159SaveMedicaid #159SaveOurHealthCare

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Rallying to Make the Case for Health Care for All and Sway Votes

It was hot Monday, June 26, but roughly 50 people showed up to rally at Sen. Johnny Isakson's office in support of Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and equal access to health care for all. This rally was part of a statewide effort that included rallies in Macon and Athens. First and foremost, thank you. #159HealthCare #159SaveMedicaid #159SaveOurHealthCare

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Rally to Save Lives and Health Care/Medicaid Benefits

For this reason alone, 159 Georgia Together is breaking out of its comfort zone and is rallying at Sen. Iskason's office from 2 to 3 p.m. Monday, June 26, to encourage him to vote no on this draconian bill. The address is 3625 Cumberland Blvd SE No. 970, Atlanta, GA 30339. And, yes, this is what we are focusing on this week. #159HealthCare #159SaveMedicaid #159SaveOurHealthCare #159SaveLives

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Senate Health Care Bill on a Fast Track; Make those Calls

And, time is running out to fight this. We need to be making calls, being respectful and earnest but not threatening, to demand a public hearing and let it be known that we are concerned about how Medicaid cuts will affect the most vulnerable Georgians, including the disabled and children. #159SaveOurHealthCare #159NotoTrumpCare #159SavetheACA

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