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Focus On Health Care Again This Week

Health care. Sen. Mitch McConnell just won't stop beating a dead horse. We can't get complacent with all the news about McConnell not having enough votes or the Senate Parliamentarian's rulings. The vote could come as soon as Tuesday.  And, don't get distracted by the Russia investigation. #159HealthCare #159Russia

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Russia Investigation Heating Up But Don't Get Distracted

Don't get distracted from the health care fight. Sen. Mitch McConnell is in need of a distraction so he can pass the monstrosity of the Senate health care bill. The current attack is focused on essential health benefits like maternity leave coverage and pre-existing condition protections. Make the calls. Attend the rallies. Be heard. #159HealthCare

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Crunch Time for the Sixth Congressional District

Starting this week, we enter crunch time in the Sixth Congressional District. Let's do this and elect the candidate who shares our progressive values and who will fight for health care coverage for all. #159FliptheSixth #159Advocacy

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