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Census 2020 is Coming

Census 2020 is coming. The decennial census is critical: the data it collects will be used to make decisions in the following decade, on everything from fair and proportionate drawing of electoral districts, to how about $900 billion in federal funding is allocated. The census questionnaire, which will begin to be distributed in January, asks each household about age, sex, race, Hispanic/Latino/Spanish origin, how people are related, and if their homes are owned or rented.

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The Work Of Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us)'s Voter Engagement Initiative #MiddleGAVotes

"159 Georgia Together leadership recently asked me to do a Guest Post about the work of Georgia Women (And Those Who Stand With Us)'s voter engagement initiative #MiddleGAVotes.

Georgia Women is a non-partisan, grassroots social welfare organization organized in central Georgia following the 2017 Women’s March on Washington. “Fair and Representative Elections” is just one of the five core principles we seek to address.

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Candidate Recruitment & Training Resources

Running for, or thinking about running for, City Council, School Board, District Attorney, State House or State Senate? Not sure yet? Don’t know where to start? Want to be a campaign manager or volunteer for a campaign? Here are some resources to help you, from the National Democratic Training Committee PAC, Rep GA, Georgia’s WIN List, the Democratic Party of Georgia, Her Term, Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC, Run for Something, Democracy for America, and Get Her Elected.

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