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Remember, All Politics Is Local

While the news reports coming out of D.C. are shocking and jaw dropping (Jared Kushner under FBI cloud and undisclosed Russia contacts), let's not lose sight of an important adage. All politics is local. And right now that means the Sixth Congressional District and health care. #159FliptheSixth #159NotoTrumpcare

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Focus on Turning Senate District 32 Blue and Flipping the Sixth This Week

This week, we are focused on turning Senate District 32 blue as well as helping to flip the Sixth. Yes, there is a protest Monday against Handel and Ryan, but let’s not lose sight of the goal line: Electing Jon Ossoff to Congress. We need him to help stand up to the Trump Administration. #159StayStrong #159VoteChristineMay16 #159FliptheSixth

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Ossof Heads to Run-Off with Handel; Next Steps

The impossible happened on April 18. A congressional district, long thought to be safe and solidly red, turned blue last night with Jon Ossof’s solid first-place finish in the April 18 special election. The election was a jungle one meaning that the top two finishers head to a run-off on Tuesday, June 20. #159FliptheSixth #159CalltoAction #159LetsDoThis #159DotheImpossible

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