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Hatred Has No Place

We can surround our friends of color, our LGBTQ friends and other minorities with love and compassion. We can reach out to them in the coming days to say we care and have their backs. More importantly, we can speak out when we see hatred. We can shield our friends and stand with them. When we see systemic and institutionalized racism, we must work to correct it. #159BetheLight #159HumanRights #159EqualRights

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Celebrating Pride and Promoting Equal Rights for All

On Sunday, June 11, Equality Marches were held in numerous cities around the globe, including Atlanta, to mobilize the LGBTQ+ community, our loved ones and our allies. The marches focused on those who have been actively silenced and neglected in the fight to affirm and protect our rights, our safety and our full humanity. #159Equal Rights #159HumanRights #159PrideMonth

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