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Tough Week in Georgia But We Did Win Important Court Case

The week of May 1 was a hard one. We won an important court battle for the Sixth District and lost the fight to save the ACA in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as the effort to keep Georgia public campuses safe when Gov. Deal signed HB280 Campus Carry into law. #159LetsDoThis #159StayStrong

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A 159er Goes to the NRA Convention: This is His Account

The NRA convention was a sobering experience. But, more than being sobering about gun policy in America, it also shed light on so many issues troubling our state and nation — from fake news, to voter suppression, to anti-immigrant policies, to police militarization. In this way, the convention reminds us why we, as 159 Georgia Together, must continue to act. #159NRAConvention #159GunRights #159Trump

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