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Georgia Legislative Update & Special Election This Tuesday 3/19/19

With seven legislative days to go before the end of session (Sine Die), here's a quick update on just a few of the bills still alive and at stake.

Oppose: “Heartbeat” bill (HB 481), voting machines by electronic ballot (HB 316), Gov. Kemp's limited Medical waivers (SB 106).

Support: Medicaid patient access to HIV treatment (HB 158), PreP pilot (HB 290).

Good bills that did not pass across chambers in time - but will remain alive for 2020, the second year of the two-year session: expanding Medicaid (HB 37), Democracy Act to end gerrymandering (SR 52/HR 369).

Problematic bills in the same situation: permit-less carry of firearms (HB 2). Religious refusals (SB 221) failed to cross, but has also been withdrawn.

For more information, see: www.ajc.com/news/state--regional-govt--politics/gambling-guns-and-taxes-fall-short-georgia-general-assembly/dVz5IJexBFbWfu4aHrjI9L

Special Election This Tuesday 3/19/19

By BECKY BUTLER, with thanks to volunteers from NECESSARY TROUBLE INDIVISIBLE, and lots of other helpers!

If there's anything we've learned, it's that local races matter -- a LOT! AND that we can make a difference in those local races. Below and [at this link] are SOME of the great candidates running -- all of whom need some help getting over the finishing line. Please consider pitching in to help, even if they're not in your town or county. Also check the list to see if there's an election in your town or county on 3/19. "There are no 'off' years!"

PS: We haven't endorsed/included races in which there's more than one Dem/progressive running!