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159 Georgia Together & 2019 Georgia Legislative Session

On January 14, 2019, the 2019-2020 session of the Georgia General Assembly will begin. Once again, 159 Georgia Together will encourage discourse among our members through thoughtful commentary and analysis about the issues, bills, and resolutions that matter to them! In tandem, the Board of 159 Georgia Together is also committed to generating - and/or sharing, via other organizations - content and calls to actions on a specific slate of already hotly anticipated issues. These are: voting rights, healthcare, the environment and energy transition, LGBT rights (including RFRA), immigrant rights, and gun safety. We welcome your feedback on these posts which can be found within our private on-line community.

So stay tuned as we begin sharing information on this slate of issues - all in service of advancing a more progressive Georgia!

(Note: like any organization that is not single-issue focused, the Board recognizes that a number of other issues are also important to the progressive cause. It will do its best to create and share content on such issues as well, as they arise - as well as to connect interested members to other organizations working on those

Allison Leach