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Thanking Wendy Cromwell and Morgan Felts for their service at 159 Georgia Together

On behalf of the entire 159 Georgia Together board of directors, we thank Wendy Cromwell and Morgan Felts for their service over the past two years. “ Cromwell and Felts successfully aided the organization in founding it and serving to the end of their two year terms” stated Allison Leach 159 co-chair and director. Cromwell was the communications mastermind responsible for the newsletter, building out the website, and an integral player in all aspects of the 2018 Voter Guide. Felts enabled oversight on legal matters and governance for 159.

After completing her two-year term on Jan. 1, Cromwell's immediate plans are nurturing the next generation of progressives in spending much needed time with her daughter. She will be active in the resistance but more behind the scenes for a while by making phone calls and pitching in where needed. Cromwell is active in her progressive church, which is focusing its efforts on affordable housing initiatives. And, like Felts, she might binge watch "The West Wing." Cromwell remains committed to 159 Georgia Together and the progressive movement in Georgia. 

After completion of her two-year term, Morgan Felts also rolled off of the 159 board effective January 1, 2019. Morgan's immediate plans include binge-watching reruns of The West Wing; however, 2019 will undoubtedly find her in pursuit of a number of initiatives to improve the lives of her fellow Georgians. Morgan remains passionate about progressive causes and is looking forward to discovering where the road leads next. The people and mission of 159 Georgia Together remain near and dear to her heart.