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Key Statewide Ballot Measures to Consider

The countdown has officially begun. We have less than 50 days to make a progressive difference in the 2018 Midterm elections. But what exactly does that mean beyond researching the candidates and pledging to vote for progressives?

Well, there are the down ballot measures to think through and decide on. Some sound progressive but are they? There is a history of ballot measures being written in a way to make you think you are voting yes or no for a measure that you believe in when in fact you are voting against your interests and progressive values.

Case in point in this New York Times story about ballot measures in 2016. So, what do you do? The research. Do your homework so you know what and whom you are voting for and not against.

If you are looking for an easy guide on the candidates and ballot measures, then check out our 2018 Midterm Project: Voter Guide for Georgia: Ballot Measures page. 159 and a few other Indivisible Groups did the research so you have a place to start. Dig in and get informed.

Once you have done that, then help with the last few voter registration drives ahead of the Oct. 9 deadline. If you are at a loss on where to volunteer, then check out this post.

And, once the deadline passes, then start helping with Get Out the Vote canvassing. Choose your favorite candidates and then lace up your walking shoes and get to work. Looking for a place to start then check out this post.

No excuses. We have less than 50 days to make a difference. Who is all in?