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Dr. Patel Joins 159 Board

Dr. Dhaval Patel, an ICU doctor from Buford, joined the 159 Georgia Together Board of Directors this spring. Dr. Patel is an immigrant, having lived in two countries, and will be focusing on health care and immigration for 159.

“A guiding principle shared by our board is a belief in the value of diversity,” said Allison Leach, board co-chair. “We at 159 are committed to ensuring that our team is geographically diverse and representative of the entire state. We have board members serving in 6 out Georgia’s 14 congressional districts.”

Though his experiences, Dr. Patel has learned human beings wake up every day and pursue the same goals: food, money, freedom, equality, good health, internal peace and love.

“Somehow, we have moved away from what unites us towards what divides us. 2017, a year unlike any in recent history, has been a test to that ideology,” he said. “I am hoping to do my part in providing the humanity a better shot at a better future-one where we have more in common than not. I consider it my prerogative to provide voice to those who don’t have one or are not being heard.”

“I will leave you with a quote from Mahatma Gandhi: ‘Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.’ We can do this. Together.”