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Advocacy Truly Made Difference on 2018's Sine Die

Sine Die has come and gone. In the process, advocacy made a huge difference. Those calls, letters, lobbying, rallies and marches are making a difference. Keep up the good work. Now, we can fully turn our attention to registering voters and the Midterm Elections.

Your advocacy stopped:

  • SB 452 (deportation pipeline) STOPPED
  • SB 403 (bar code ballots) STOPPED
  • SB 363 (voter suppression) STOPPED
  • HB 258 (discriminatory drivers' licenses) STOPPED
  • SB74 (Anti-choice bill) STOPPED

Your advocacy helped:

  • The passage of HB930 (metro ATL transit),
  • HB161 (needle exchanges),
  • HB834 (helps domestic violence victims), and
  • fully funding our QBE (Quality Basic Education) for schools  
  • (HB 332), the Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Act (HB 332), which means that in November voters will have the opportunity to vote YES to constitutionally-dedicate annual funds for land conservation and outdoor recreation. If approved, this will mean a quarter of a billion dollars dedicated to conservation in the next 10 years in Georgia.

Some bad bills got through but not as many as we started the session with:

  • SB 339, that limits protests on college campuses;
  • SB 315, which essentially punishes whistleblowers like Logan Lamb who discovered Georgia's voting security leaks;
  • SB 263 which cuts the city of Stockbridge in two to create a new city of Eagle's Landing (and disenfranchises voters).

Here's a Tracking Grid from the AJC>>