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Qualifying for Local, State and Federal Elections Ends Friday, March 9

Brace yourselves! The Midterm Elections are officially here. More than a few incumbents have decided not to run for re-election. In fact, Rep. Earl Ehrhart announced on Monday that he would not run again. Granted, his wife, Ginny Ehrhart, is running and has his full endorsement.

Remember, Rep. Ehrhart is the representative who told rape survivors to go trigger somewhere else during legislative hearing for the campus rape bill, HB51, in 2017.

Qualifying ends on Friday, March 9. There are several progressive groups recruiting candidates for open seats. Progressives need to challenge each and every seat in Georgia to make a true difference in this state. If we can flip more than a few state executive seats and legislative seats, think of the progressive change that can happen:

  • Eliminate racism systemically, institutionally and personally by fighting to ensure there is no voter suppression and that all have equal representation in our local, state and federal elections;
  • Ensure that all enjoy the same rights and privileges under the law and Constitution regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation and identification;
  • Support equal pay for equal work, gender equality, and freedom from sexual harassment;
  • Strengthen public education throughout the state, including in urban, suburban and rural areas;
  • Ensure quality accessible and affordable healthcare for rural and urban areas for all;
  • Ensure that all are free from religious discrimination; and
  • Preserve the environment for future generations.

Just imagine the possibilities, then roll up your sleeves and get to work. This is the marathon for which we all have been training. Knock on the doors. Talk to your neighbors about your progressive values. Get to work. If you need information about the candidates in your district, check our Midterm Project: Voter Guide, which is being compiled through volunteers from 159, Indivisible and other progressive groups.