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Voter Guide Updated; Legislature in the Home Stretch

A lot has happened since the last news update. Have you been paying attention? Serious question.

Qualifying finished at noon on March 9. Georgia, which had the most uncontested races in 2016, did an about face. Progressives are contesting 95 seats in Georgia, that includes Georgia House and Senate, federal and state executive offices. Remember in 2016, we had 82 percent of races UNCONTESTED.

Now that we have candidates stepping up, thanks to Megan Missett and her team of recruiters, what are you doing to help them? It takes more than having a name on the ballot. Do your research with the 2018 Midterm Project: Voter Guide and get involved. Elections matter, just ask women in Mississippi.

Now that we have your attention, are you paying attention to the General Assembly? We have reached the witching hour, when crazy happens. Our calls to action are chocked full of things you can do to keep our legislators honest.

  • There are immigration bills that harm some of our most venerable residents.
  • There are bills that raid public education to benefit private and charter schools.
  • There are election bills that end longer voting periods and Sunday voting in Atlanta, as well as bills that purport to be paper ballots but aren't really.

So, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.