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Launching the Midterm Project: Voter Guide and Welcoming New Board Member

The Midterm elections are fast approaching. In fact, they are just eight months away with the primaries just two months away on Tuesday, May 22. 159 Georgia Together and Indivisible groups in Georgia have teamed up to produce the Midterm Project: Voter Guide.

The goal is to provide voters information about districts and candidates so they can make educated decisions about who to support during the campaign season and, more importantly, at the voting booth.

Kudos go out to the more than 30 volunteers from progressive groups across the state who have helped take this project from an idea to fruition. Thank you!

There are groups taking the information on flippable districts and actively recruiting candidates to run. Progressive candidates are stepping up to make a difference in Georgia. Do your research then get involved. In the coming weeks, we will be adding information on where the candidates stand on key issues like voter rights, education, Medicaid expansion, gun safety, Plant Vogtle, redistricting, immigration, reproductive rights and LGBTQ rights.

Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines. Our democratic values are at stake. If volunteering for a campaign and candidate is not your cup of tea, then work to help register new voters. If you are not sure where to start, then visit our Calls to Action page. There you will find myriad opportunities to help register people, including one on Wednesday, Feb. 21, as well as other calls to action to protect progressive values in Georgia.


The 159 Georgia Together Board

The 159 Georgia Together Board of Directors is actively working to bring you opportunities to make a difference. Joining the leadership team is Ian Bridgeforth from Augusta. Bridgeforth is the founder of Georgia Shift, which works to get young adults involved in politics. Learn more about Bridgeforth>>