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Not a Drill: Vote Today for Voter Rights, Better Utility Bills

This is not a drill. There is a clear choice in this run-off election today. If you want to secure equal voter rights for all and lower utility bills then the choice is clear today. Vote as though your voting rights and electric bills depend on it.

In all seriousness, today’s election presents a clear choice for secretary of state and the Public Service Commission. There are two candidates in the run-off who will do the right thing and ensure fair and secure elections as well as a consumer’s voice on the PSC. The choice is clear, so go vote. Lindy Miller and John Barrow are ready to serve Georgians and not special interests.

And, if you want proof that your vote matters, not a small ask after the governor’s race, look at the number of state districts we flipped. Yes, there is work to be done but we made such progress this November.

Here’s a recap:

We emerged from the Nov. 6 election with 11 additional House seats, as well as two state senate seats. 

  • HD 37: Mary Francis Williams 

  • HD 40: Erick Allen

  • HD 48: Mary Robichaux 

  • HD 50: Angelika Kausche 

  • HD 51: Josh McLaurin

  • HD 54: Betsy Holland

  • HD 79: Mike Wilensky

  • HD 80: Matthew Wilson

  • HD 95: Beth Moore 

  • HD102: Gregg Kennard 

  • HD 105: Donna McLeod

  • HD 107: Shelly Hutchinson

  • HD 108: Jasmine Clark

  • HD 111: El-Mahdi Holly


  • Sally Harrell flipped SD 40
    (Against gerrymandering king Fran Millar, who is now OUT!)

  • Zahra Karinshak flipped SD 48.

This will make a difference come January when the General Assembly convenes. The progressive voice will be amplified.

Wendy Cromwell