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Your Voice Only Counts if You Cast It: Go VOTE

After months of anticipation, we are finally at judgment day. Tuesday is the day we make it know that we are not happy with the current administration and its policies. But, to do this, we must vote.

If you haven’t already used your voice in early voting or with an absentee ballot, now is the time to find the rain boots, don a rain jacket and grab the umbrella. The weather is not an acceptable excuse for not voting. Plan a head and secure your needed ride to the polls. If you have transportation, ask friends and relatives if they need a lift.

Set the alarm to get up early so you can be in line when polls open at 7 a.m. Tuesday. Who knows, by doing this you might just beat the weather forecast. Plan ahead for the day so you don’t get trapped in late, never-ending meetings at work. You must be in line by 7 p.m. to cast your ballot.

And, while in the voting booth, remember to double then triple check your choices. The stories about vote slippage are real so take note and be mindful of them.

If you still are unsure of your choices or ballot measures, then visit the 2018 Midterm Project: Voter Guide. Go ready to cast your ballots for progressive candidates and issues.

Above all, GO VOTE.