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After the Marches, What's Next?

One of the biggest questions coming out of 2017 was would the Resistance be able to sustain the movement? Did we have staying power. After the marches and events this weekend, the answer is yes. More than 2.5 million marched and protested this weekend on the anniversary of the world's biggest protest on Jan. 20.

Now what? How do we go forward? Most days, Resistance fighters drink from a fire hose. There is some much happening it is hard to take stock and figure where to fight or resist. Just how do we sustain the momentum?

We can start to listen to one another, especially Women of Color. The pink pussy hats? Really, do we want to waste energy on a hat that is hurtful to our sisters? Take stock of your answer. The hats are great on a cold day, but what good do they serve beyond keeping our heads warm? Serious question?

One of our members posts the one thing she did for the Resistance each day. Sometimes it's a phone call and her script. Other times, it's an event that she has added to her calendar.

Speaking of events to add to your calendar, check out the EmpowerMap Symposium. Several of our members and Indivisible members have been working hard to bring attention to redistricting and gerrymandering. Well worth your time.

If you are looking for action items you can do during the General Assembly, look no further than our calls to action. There are redistricting bills and hate crimes bills that need our support. There are a few religious freedom bills that bear watching as does the adoption bill that had the poison pill added last year. Georgia needs to revisit its adoption laws. A lot of work has gone into rewriting them for the safety of some of our most venerable children. Make a few phone calls?

And, heading into the Midterm Elections, look at helping to register as many new voters as possible. Don't know where to start? Check out our Civic Engagement page and Calls to Action page. There are several good options listed in both places.

Helping candidates more your speed? Then find a candidate to support and volunteer. In the coming weeks, we will be launching a progressive voter guide through the combined efforts of 159 Georgia Together and several Indivisible groups. There is still time to volunteer.

Don't just march. Pick where you can do the most good for the Resistance and get to work. There is much work to do. Let's do this.