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159 Billboards: Have You Seen Them?

159 Georgia Together has kicked off the new year with another billboard campaign targeting the Brookhaven/Buford Highway/Perimeter areas thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor. Some of the billboards even went live in time for the National Championship game.

Get Out the Vote efforts are critical this year. 159 Georgia Together is committed to doing everything it can to bring progressive change throughout Georgia.

As a result of the funding from our donor, we have invested in four billboards to raise awareness to issues we are focusing on this year, including fighting gerrymandering/redistricting, resisting bad legislation, enabling the progressive movement, and bringing attention to the fact that if Alabama can flip a Senate seat, Georgia should be able to flip some congressional ones.

The billboards locations are:

  • Two digital billboards: One at the Perimeter Center and one by Peachtree Golf Club.
  • Regular billboards: one on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard by Oglethorpe University and another on Buford Highway by Woodward Elementary.

All billboards are a call to action for constituents to engage in positive civic activities as we work toward bettering the lives of all Georgians across the state. They will remain active for four weeks.

Special thanks to our anonymous donor. Thank you!