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Roll Up the Sleeves; We Have Work to Do This Week

Senate Republicans acknowledge the road to 51 votes for the Cassidy-Graham Bill is unclear but they are determined to get there by Saturday, Sept. 30. We, progressives, are just as determined to get 52 votes against the bill. 

What is the saying? Strap yourself in because it's going to be a bumpy ride? So, let's all roll up those sleeves, once again, and kill this bill. it is the worse of all the bills. It guts Medicaid and strips the essential health benefits. Pre-existing condition? Too bad. Pregnancy? That will cost you at least $18,000. 

So, this week, we call. We call early and often. Make a commit to call and send a fax. Send emails to the Senate committee by 1 p.m. today. Use your voice. If possible, show up to the various rallies this week. Be heard.

And, don't be distracted by Trump's NFL tweets. Focus on the big picture. Saving lives. These calls we are making matter. Remember that.