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Hurricanes, Congress and Life, Oh My!

Hurricane Irma is wreaking havoc in Florida and making its way to Georgia. Before all is said and done, even Atlanta will feel the powerful storms effects. And, while we are rightly focused on the storm, Congress is making mischief again. 

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy want the Senate to try one more time on repealing the Affordable Care Act. They need to act now to have a chance to pass the repeal with 51 votes. So, we probably should be making phone calls again once the power is back on.

There is an effort a foot in the House to repeal parts of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Seriously? The goal is to make the people with disabilities responsible for their own accommodations. Let's just say no? 

And, of course there is DACA and the effort to enact the Dreamers Act. Again, let's hit the phones in support of these efforts while detailing to our representatives how much Georgia benefits in revenues from the Dreamers. 

Above all, be safe in the next 48 hours. Remember, your property can be replaced but you cannot be.