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Next Steps In the Fight for True Equality for All


The news of recent weeks has been quite distressing and scary. Imagine what it must feel like if you are a person of color, a minority or a marginalized group? Racial hatred is on full display since Donald Trump equated peaceful protesters to neo-Nazis. 

Let's be clear. They are not the same. Nazis, of any stripe, and the Klu Klux Klan are evil personified. Full Stop. We fought a World War to stop Nazis and white supremacists. This is so wrong and Trump brought it out into the open and embolden those groups. 

So, what do we do to stop this madness and make our friends of color, in the Muslim communities, Hispanic communities and LGBTQ communities feel safe. This is not an easy answer but we do have some resources to guide us. 

Our recent history gives us clues on how to fight for peace and equality. Let's start do we can each and every day to bring justice to the communities we live in and shelter/refuge to those who are threatened. #159NotoHate #159NotoRacism