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Focus On Health Care Again This Week

Health care. Sen. Mitch McConnell just won't stop beating a dead horse. We can't get complacent with all the news about McConnell not having enough votes or the Senate Parliamentarian's rulings. The vote could come as soon as Tuesday. 

And, don't get distracted by the Russia investigation. For now, that is on the back burner but do please make those calls as well. Russia only moves to the front burner if Donald Trump moves to fire Robert Mueller. People's lives are at stake re the health care bill.

At present, roughly 32 million Americans would lose their health insurance. Roughly 720,000 Georgians would lose their health insurance. Our rural hospitals can't afford more cuts to Medicaid. Here is a handy chart from our friends at Cover Georgia on how the various bills will effect everyone: 

First House Bill House Passed Repeal BCRCA
(June Bill)
Repeal/No Replace (July Bill) BCRA II (Second
July Bill)
Cutting Coverage 24 million 23 million 22 million 32 million 22 million
Raising Premiums 20% 20% 20% 25% (100% by 2016) 20%
Cutting Medicaid $880 billion $834 billion $772 billion $842 billion $772 billion
Tax Breaks for Wealthy
& Corporations
$544 billion $664 billion $541 billion $613 billion $541 billion

So, let's make those phone calls; send the faxes and show up at the rallies and protests. Resist Trump Tuesdays will be at Perdue's office again this week.