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Full Court Press to Save Medicaid, Access to Health Care for All

The last time we defeated a health care bill, we lost on round 2. Now is not the time to be complacent after June 28. So, what has happened over the weekend while we all were getting ready for the Fourth of July? 

There are news reports that Sen. Mitch McConnell has sent two versions of the latest version of the Senate bill to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office for scoring. So, given the holiday is on Tuesday what should we do? 

We should resist and hold our elected officials accountable. We should not be complacent. There also is another news report that says when constituents are told their Republican officials supports either health care bill, their approval rating drops 30 points

So, shall we make the calls? Send faxes via Resistbot and rally? We are for health care for all. We are for Medicaid and those with disabilities being able to live independently. We are for those with pre-existing conditions not being penalized or fined through no fault of their own. We must do these things because lives depend on it. This is not hyperbole. This is fact. 

So, call until Wednesday. Leave messages. After Wednesday, ask to speak with Sen. Johnny Iskason's health care person in Washington, D.C. Sen. David Perdue made it on the to the undecided list right before the weekend so call him too. Use your voice. Remind them you are a constituent, have a pre-existing condition or depend on Medicaid or know someone who does. 

Remind both that cuts to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Medicaid will have devastating impact on Atlanta's economy as well as the state's economy. Remind them that Atlanta is the economic driver for this state. Remind them that our children are treated at Childrens Health Care of Atlanta and that the Medicaid changes will greatly affect its ability to serve our kids. Let the momma bears speak. 

And, if you are off on Monday, July 3, join the rally for health care for all. 159 Georgia Together, Indivisble GA Sixth District and a host of other wonderful groups will be rallying to save equal access to health care at Sen. Perdue's office. Spread the word. Better yet, see you there! 

if you can't make the Monday rally, there are others:

Resist Trump Tuesdays will be rallying at the same spot on Wednesday, July 5, 

159 Georgia Together and Indivisible Georgia Sixth District will be back at it with a rally in Piedmont Park on Saturday. Learn more>>