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Senate Health Care Vote Delayed One Week; Let's Make Some Noise

Sen. Mitch McConnell had to delay the vote one week because of Sen. John McCain's surgery. Let's use the time to really make some noise and raise cain about TrumpCare. The bill is so bad even the insurance companies don't like it. No, seriously... #159HealthCare

America's Health Care Plans and BlueCross BlueShield Association released a extremely rare joint statement calling Sen. Ted Cruz's amendment simply unworkable, saying it would result in millions more losing their health insurance. Even the health care insurance companies realize the American people are being sold a bill of goods. 

In addition, key Republican governors are refusing to buy the White House line that the bill is good for the states. And, then there are the blatant White House lies regarding Medicaid: 

"Let me be clear: President Trump and I believe the Senate health care bill strengthens and secures Medicaid for the neediest in our society, and this bill puts this vital American program on a path to long-term sustainability," Mike Pence said, without noting that the bill also cuts Medicaid spending from current projections.

Yes, this is the third or fourth (who is really counting?) we have been hitting the phones, going to rallies, sending faxes and generally raising our voices to apply pressure to save both Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act. But, given that so many lives depend on us, we have to continue to apply pressure. Let our senators know there will be repercussions for voting for TrumpCare, especially since they have exempted themselves from the effects of the bill. 

There is one rally this week at Sen. Perdue's office so if you are free at lunchtime on Tuesday, join the Resist Trump Tuesday crowd.