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Crunch Time in the Sixth and on Health Care Bill in Senate

Well, last week was interesting, wasn't it? We had James Comey testifying as well as the the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, hearing on Wednesday. We had the Sixth Congressional Debates as well. And, we had procedural moves in the Senate regarding the health care bill. So, where do we begin. 

We start in the Sixth Congressional District. The debates showed a clear difference in the candidates as well as reinforced most everyone's opinions at this point. One interesting tidbit coming out of the poll stories is that most district residents have made up their minds re the candidates. politics.blog.ajc.com/2017/06/09/ajc-poll-ossoff-opens-lead-over-handel-in-georgias-6th/

Debate Coverage

The polls are nice but... the only polls that matter are the ones released on June 20. The polls don't matter if no one goes to vote. So, if you live in the Sixth Congressional District, and haven't already voted through absentee or early voting, you need to make a plan to go on June 20 and take your friends. 

The other big topic this week is not Russia or Comey. It is health care. Millions of Americans are at risk and we need to call our senators early and often. There is still time to make a difference.

When you call, say you are watching and will remember come election time. Let them know our congressional representatives are learning the lesson the hard way because of the "safe" seats are facing determined challengers now. 

Two recent news stories of note: 

If you haven't been calling or writing, now in is the time. And, if you have a compelling story to tell, then let us know at goblue@159georgiatogether.com. We are working on a video project. Let's do this. #159FliptheSixth #159HealthCare #159BeInformed