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Montana Watch: So Close and Overall Progress

Well, that was fun on May 25 until it wasn't. However, even though the Montana special election didn't go the progressive way. There are some key take-aways worth considering. 

One, in a reliably Republican, deep red state, the Democrat candidate came within seven points of taking the seat. Remember, Trump took the state by 22 points. The Democrat managed to mitigate 15 of those points. Let that sink in...

Two, the Democrats made the Republican Party spend money to protect a "safe" seat. This says that maybe those "safe" red seats aren't really safe any more? 

Three, voter turnout is KEY. The Montana secretary of state puts voter turnout at 54 percent for the special election. Imagine how much better the Democrat might have done with better turnout? 

Four, the latest polling out of the Sixth District can make us complacent. The polls are nice but they have been wrong before. And, don't forget that Paul Ryan's PAC is spending big this holiday weekend to stop the progressive momentum. 

So, this begs the question of what are you doing to help flip the Sixth? If you live in the Sixth Congressional District, did you register to vote. Have you requested your absentee ballot? If no, have you made your plans to vote on June 20? Are you canvassing, phone banking and writing postcards to your neighbors?

If voting on June 20, have you arranged for a buddy system for getting your neighbors to vote? People are more likely to vote with peer pressure. And, more importantly, are you helping those who can't easily get to the polls to arrange for transportation? We are all in this together. #159MontanaWatch #159FliptheSixth