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Guidelines on 159 Facebook Postings

Given all the new 159ers, the board of directors decided it would be good to reshare the updated posting rules of the road. And, remember, don't share posts outside the private Facebook group.

If you are wondering how we prioritize postings, we want to make our newsfeed more user-friendly, with less talk about 45. Yes, he’s the president. None of us like him. In fact, many of us detest him, but we must not lose sight of the future.

In June, we tackle the Sixth Congressional District and then in 21 months (we’re staying focused on that and we’re counting down!), we hope to be able to flip some more Congressional seats and Georgia Senate and House seats (more on that soon).

In four years, we hope to have someone we respect again in the Office of the President. Let’s leave the vitriol and hatred out of our newsfeed. Let’s stick to accurate news stories and insightful commentary. The facts are bad enough. We don’t need to add hyperbole to the mix. It only makes us all more anxious.  As to 159 priorities in addition to voter registration and get out the vote, we are prioritizing healthcare; that doesn’t mean that other issues, listed by the threads below, are unimportant.

Hints and tips on what TO do:

  • We want observations and personal stories from our members and questions that are mostly Georgia-related.
  • In the feed we have topic threads/hashtags that we encourage our members to post within. Common topic threads/hashtags to look for are  #159gerrymandering #159Perdue #159ethics #159environment #159sciencesunday #159advocacy #159immigration #159SixthDistrict #159Activisim #159education, #159immigration #159Russia, #159Activism #159redistricting #159WomensRights #159LGBTQRights #159VotingRights #159FlipTheSixth #159Turn32Blue #159HealthCare #159NotoTrumpcare
  • If you comment within a thread that is already approved, you do not need to be screened by an admin and your voice and ideas will be automatically shared.
  • We try to put all the C2A (calls to actions) in one place and ask that you thread responses accordingly.
  • For reposts, we tend to focus on credible news organization like The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, CNN, CNBC, etc. Sites like the Huffington Post that feature lots of guest bylines can be suspect, and personal blogs aren't fact checked (which leads to the potential for spreading false news).
  • We ask that you fact-check your postings, this helps expedite how quickly post pass through.
  • We do want the group to hear from one another and share ideas.
  • And do get involved by taking our interest survey, 159georgiatogether.org,  if you haven’t already. If you see a project you want to help with, RAISE YOUR HAND.
  • Hints and tips on what NOT to do.
  • We are NOT censoring. We just can't publish everything due to volume (we get a post literally every few minutes, with admins monitoring around the clock, and don’t want to overwhelm the group) and fact checking.
  • Do NOT post an article or link that shows as having been seen dozens of times. It's likely it has already been viewed in our/your personal feed. You can easily do a search at the top of the page to see if your article, comment or question has already been posted. Let's avoid duplication.
  • Do NOT be surprised that an admin may reach out to you and ask questions before letting questionable posts pass through.
  • We are NOT approving posts that endorse an individual candidate fighting for a nomination. 159 Georgia Together strives to be impartial while providing information that our members can trust and take action on based on their opinions.
  • Do NOT post items, goods, wares, or services for sale. This includes GoFundMe campaigns. We are not a marketplace and want to be clear in our intentions for creating a community built on information sharing and advocacy.
  • Do NOT women bash. This includes Kellyanne Conway and Ivanka. For example, you can say Kellyanne is a liar but not that she's ugly.

Policy concerning other groups

We will allow other groups, such as Indivisible, Resist Tuesdays, Together We Will, Georgia Alliance for Social Justice and others, to post their events and news once per topic in our newsfeed. Any updates per event or topic will be done through the comments. If a new development that dramatically changes the status quo happens with a given topic, then we will allow for that update with a new post.

If group decides and requests new posting, then the old post on given topic will need to be deleted before we push the new one through. Admins may request the poster delete the original post as needed.

159 Georgia Together will support other progressive groups but does need to be careful about cluttering up our feed with other orgs news. We don’t want our calls to action and news to be lost in shuffle. 

Posts concerning actions or information about Georgia politics take priority. This means, they should be given priority when vetting items and pushing them through to the newsfeed. We are a Georgia group that focuses on progressive issues in Georgia.

If there is a question about posts, contact Allison Leach, Theodore Blumoff or Wendy Cromwell, Morgan Felts or Anne Isenhower for guidance. If the matter warrants it, one of them will take it to the full board of directors for guidance