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Focus on Turning Senate District 32 Blue and Flipping the Sixth This Week

The week of May 8 will go down as one of the crazier ones with the Trump Administration. From firing James Comey to the reference to the “tapes,” and everything in between, it was chaotic and crazy. But in the midst of such madness, we can’t lose sight of the fact that Georgia is our focus and we can best effect change at the local and state level.

So, this week, we are focused on turning Senate District 32 blue as well as helping to flip the Sixth. Yes, there is a protest Monday against Handel and Ryan, but let’s not lose sight of the goal line: Electing Jon Ossoff to Congress. We need him to help stand up to the Trump Administration.

Also, be looking at the various state districts and be thinking about what progressive candidate can run in them. We need more progressives in the General Assembly, especially if we want to help stop voter suppression and help solve the rural health care crisis. Our General Assembly should not be a rubber stamp. It should protect all Georgians, including our most vulnerable.

So, let’s start with Senate District 32. If you live in the district, recruit at least five friends to go vote Tuesday, May 16. And, then encourage them to invite five friends. Hold one another accountable and go vote.

And, once Christine Triebsch is elected, then we turn to the Sixth Congressional District and elect Jon Ossoff.

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