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Introducing the 159Forum Advocacy Tool

Today, we are launching a unique and secure forum, the 159Forum,159georgiatogether.freeforums.net, which should make advocacy planning easier.

What's the 159 Forum?

The forum is like an online bulletin board and will allow for greater collaboration and strategizing than what we can achieve through our Facebook feed. If you want a secure place to join like-minded individuals to tackle the expansion of Medicaid in Georgia and really delve into action without going through hundreds of unrelated posts this is the place for you! There are boards for our issues:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Civil Rights
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Gun rights
  • Health Care
  • Immigration
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Redistricting
  • Voting Rights

Is the forum public? Can anyone join?

As with our secret FB page, you must be a member. You will need to create an account by registering then delve in. All 159 members, all 18,610 of us, are founding members. If you know someone who would like to join in our advocacy efforts to turn Georgia progressive county by county, the process remains the same. Simply add he or she to our secret group then we can add he or she to the 159 Forum.

What sort of things will happen on the forum?

The 159Forum is a secure place for discussion, planning and most importantly ACTION. Memberswill be able to select their focus areas — be it by subject, congressional district or both — and work within those areas to create Calls to Action, including letter-writing campaigns, calling campaigns or protests, joining a march, voter registration and get out the vote initiatives, etc. 

And, most importantly, the 159Forum better positions us to achieve our long-range goal of advancing our Progressive agenda this November and in 2018. Let’s grab them by the Midterms! And in case you missed it — one of the best things about this is that each member gets to work in his or her passion areas without searching for related posts!

What will happen to the Facebook group?

Absolutely nothing! The Facebook group will continue to operate as it currently does.  We will continue to cross post Calls to Action and other initiatives. Members will still be able to share posts. In short, it will still be the 159 community that we've all come to love. 

The Benefits of Joining the 159 Forum?

First, joining the 159Forum is not mandatory. However, we really hope you will. We've got some really great things happening at 159 Georgia Together because of your involvement and commitment. Based on your feedback, we have worked to find a secure way to harness the energy and the potential of this community into something meaningful and sustainable.  We think our unique and secure 159Forum will allow us to do that more effectively.

So, what happens when I join the forum?  Will it be overwhelming? Will there by things for me to do?

Great questions. A few folks have been testing it out for us (thank you!), but we need all who share our mission to jump in and really get things moving! It might be overwhelming at first — it certainly was for some of us — but we can promise that lessens with practice and use! The good news is that you can control what you see by limiting your focus to one or two boards. 

As far as things to do — yes and no. We have posted some preliminary action steps to get you started. Among our membership, there are many people who know quite a lot about one or two things. We hope those subject matter experts will jump in and really "own" an issue and figure out where to go with it. And, in keeping with the vision of 159 Georgia Together, we believe action should happen organically and at the local level with members driving it. We really want to take a bottom up approach rather than a top down one. 

Okay, I'm sold!  What's next?

  • The next step is to join! Here's the URL 159 Georgia Together Forum
  • You'll be asked to complete a registration process and then it'll take a bit of time for your registration to be approved.
  • Once your registration is approved, you'll get an email saying you’re in. 
  • From there, you'll have access to the forum! We suggest your start by checking the thread that says "NEW USERS START HERE!" Yes, we are going for obvious here… The thread provides additional information, including how to join groups to control which parts of the forum you see.
  • And, one of the best things about this forum is there is a mobile app, Tapatalk. We don’t lose the plan and go flexibility that Facebook as provided.

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