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Did You See the Latest in Creative Loafing? Yep, It is Looking for Sen. Perdue Too

159 Board Chair Allison Leach is quoted in the April 4 front page article of Atlanta's Creative Loafing. The article talks about the billboard awareness campaign and how Sen. David Perdue says town hall meetings aren't his "style." 

"We feel like he’s deliberately steering clear of a town hall meeting, and that’s not a good way of building trust — especially given the fact that there are rumors around the fact that we’re programmed protesters or paid agitators," Leach said. "It’s time for a face-to-face meeting so that he understands that there’s no one funding us. When we show up to protest, when we’re writing letters, it’s all constituents who care about what’s happening inside of Georgia, taking time out of their own schedules, away from work to try to communicate with the senator.”

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