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159, Indivisible and Pave It Blue Are in Friday's AJC; Check it out

"Indeed, if anything stands out about the first 100 days of the Trump Administration, it’s the vast numbers of women who have determinedly — even a little guiltily in some cases — decided it’s past time they stepped up and spoke out. ..."

159 Georgia Together and our friends Pave It Blue and Indivisible are featured in a front-page article in Friday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Hats off to 159 member Jennifer Long. 

“We’d gotten so comfortable with the notion that our civic obligation is to vote and that that was enough,” said Jennifer Long, 41, a Sandy Springs mother of two who’s a member of the group 159 Georgia Together, which began as an offshoot of Pantsuit Nation, the private Facebook group for female Hillary Clinton supporters. “It’s not enough."

Be sure to read this great piece: http://bit.ly/2oILK44