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The Week of April 18 in Review and the Week Ahead

One wonders what this week will bring, given all that happened from April 17 to 22. Thousands participated in the March for Science in Atlanta on April 22. After April 18, Jon Ossoff and Christine Triebschare headed for runoffs in solidly “red” districts of our state.

Let’s just let the soak in for a minute… the Sixth Congressional District and Georgia Senate District 32 turned light blue on April 18. And, yet there was more good news:

In the coming days, the 159 Georgia Together Board of Directors will be announcing additional ways 159 can help the Ossoff campaign and possibility the Triebsch campaign. Both Ossoff and Triebsch are the only true progressives running in each runoff. If you have been canvassing or phone banking for either candidate, please keep it up!

This week, 159 Georgia Together is focusing on a few things:

  • Campus Carry: Call Gov. Nathan Deal to urge him to veto the Campus Carry bill, HB 280. It is bad for our state schools and will endanger the lives of students, staff and faculty members. The exceptions do not go far enough to project lives.
  • The federal budget and rumored shutdown: The Trump Administration wants to play roulette with the federal budget and is threatening to veto any stop gap budget measure if it does not include funding for the wall. Let’s remind our representatives we would rather fund science research, quality education, and social programs rather than a billion-dollar wall and $30 billion in new military spending. www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/white-house-optimism-government-shutdown-complicated-trump-demands-n749461
  • Election Assistance Commission: Showing support for the Election Assistance Commission, especially since we cannot depend on Secretary of State Brian Kemp to preserve the integrity of our elections. Remember the stolen voter machines and the issues election night in Fulton County? We need to call our members of Congress to urge them to oppose HR634.
  • Russian Interference: Now that Sally Yates will be testifying before the House committee, it is high time for an independent investigator into Russian interference into our elections. www.cnbc.com/2017/04/21/house-probe-into-russian-election-interference-is-back-on-track.html
  • Trumpcare: It’s back and worse than ever. House Speaker Paul Ryan says he won’t bring it up for a vote until he is sure he has the votes but the Trump administration is looking for a legislative win and applying pressure. Let’s call and remind our congressional representatives of what we want: Essential benefits and more Americans with health insurance. They must address the coverage gap. thehill.com/policy/healthcare/329662-moderate-conservative-gop-leaders-say-they-are-nearing-healthcare-deal
  • Earth Day: In honor of the March for Science and Earth Day, let’s all visit  Regulations.gov, and click the dark blue “Comment Now!” button, upper right. Then share why you support protections for clean air, soil, and water. Remember the EPA is soliciting public comment on repealing EPA regulations through May 15.

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