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Ossof Heads to Run-Off with Handel; Next Steps

The impossible happened on April 18. A congressional district, long thought to be safe and solidly red, turned blue last night with Jon Ossof’s solid first-place finish in the April 18 special election. The election was a jungle one meaning that the top two finishers head to a run-off on Tuesday, June 20.

Now, we must roll up our sleeves and really get to work. We have 62 days to truly flip the district and send Ossof to Congress. There is work to be done. Residents of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District deserve a candidate who will fight for them.

And, let’s not forget the work that our member, Michael C. Owens, did through the Sixth District Taskforce. Owens and the taskforce turned the district blue, including Cobb County, which was called impossible four months ago.

As Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said: “By earning over 48 percent, Ossoff has already defied the odds in this long-held Republican seat, and it’s clear that he has the enthusiasm and support he needs to be a very strong contender against Karen Handel in the runoff.

“Not only are these results an indication of Ossoff’s impressive grassroots campaign and powerful economic message, it’s clear that voters strongly oppose Republican-controlled Washington and its priorities, and are ready to send more independent voices to Congress,” Lujan said.

Lets send a message to Washington, the Republicans and the Democrats, that Georgians will do what is necessary to elect Progressive candidates who will fight for all Americans. We won the first round. Let’s roll up our sleeves and cross the finish line.

In the coming days, the board of directors, working with others, will be announcing volunteer opportunities to help with the greater Flip the Sixth efforts. We have work to do.

And in the words of Army Service Forces in World War II, “the difficult we do at once; the impossible takes a bit longer.” We have done the difficult. Let’s focus on the impossible. Let’s get to work. #159FliptheSixth #159CalltoAction #159LetsDoThis #159DotheImpossible