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Have You Seen Our Senator? Progressive Groups Partner to Raise Awareness of Lack of Accountability

Two Georgia progressive nonprofit organizations, 159 Georgia Together and the Georgia Alliance for Social Justice, have partnered to create an awareness campaign that features a website missingdavidperdue.com, statewide billboards and an Atlanta Journal-Constitution ad, targeting U.S. Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) and his unwillingness to meet with voters in town hall settings.

In February, Sen. Perdue has refused to hold town hall meetings or meet with voters during the February recess despite making trips home to meet with donors during this time. As of March 27, no town hall meetings are scheduled for the April recess.

However, to date only Georgians willing to pay a $50 door fee for an April 11 Brookhaven Chamber of Commerce luncheon will have the opportunity to meet with the senator in his home state. You shouldn’t have to pay to access your federal representatives.  

“Senator Perdue’s lack of response and refusal to meet with his constituents is simply unacceptable,” said Allison Leach, 159 Georgia Together board member. “His behavior reinforces the idea that he only cares to meet with Georgia citizens when it is beneficial or convenient to his own agenda.”

“As a U.S. senator, his job is to represent and legislate for all members of our state, not just the ones he agrees with,” Leach said. “It is for these reasons we feel strongly about participating and promoting this awareness campaign. Constituents should not have to pay to have access to their legislators.”

The two groups launched an advertising campaign Monday, March 27, in the downtown Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Savannah, and Brunswick/Sea Island markets. Five billboards, plus a quarter-page ad in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Friday, March 31, say, in the style of a “Missing” poster: “Have you seen him? Sen. David Perdue. Last seen: Ducking constituents.”

In addition, the billboards and ad direct constituents to a website, missingdavidperdue.com. 159 Georgia Together is asking its members to share the link far and wide to generate greater awareness.

159 Georgia Together is an inclusive, progressive nonprofit volunteer group working to effect needed change on social justice and political issues throughout Georgia; educate people about the grassroots progressive movement within the state; help elect more progressive candidates to municipal seats in 2017, and to Georgia House and Senate seats at the state and federal levels in 2018; and speak out against discriminatory and nonprogressive state and national actions that impact vulnerable populations, immigrants and minorities.

The nonprofit Georgia Alliance for Social Justice was founded by the organizers of the Atlanta March for Social Justice and Women to carry out the mission of amplifying the voices of Georgia's most marginalized citizens: women, immigrants, and minorities. Through coalition building with social justice organizations throughout the state, GAFSJ mobilizes people to collective action towards creating change at the local, state and federal levels.

To help with the awareness campaign, donations are being accepted via a designated PayPal account, missingdavidperdue@gmail.com, at paypal.com. Checks made out to 159 Georgia Together are also being accepted and can be mailed to 1920 Branch Valley Drive, Roswell GA 30076.  Please note as a 501c4 organization, donations are not tax deductible. If you have questions about the campaign, contact 159georgiatogether@gmail.com.