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#159CalltoAction: Make Health Care Calls to Help Communities of Color

Health coverage is especially important for African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities because they often have worse health status than their white counterparts. African Americans live with chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and HIV/AIDS at far greater rates than other racial groups. #159HealthCare #159SaveMedicaid #159SavetheACA #159NotoTrumpcare #159NotoAHCA

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#159CalltoAction: Call to Save Health Care for Georgia's Seniors

In Georgia, 182,000 seniors are covered by Medicaid. Cuts or changes to the program will be detrimental to our seniors. Let's make a few phone calls to help them and their families. #159HealthCare #159NotoTrumpCare #159SaveMedicaid

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#159CalltoAction: Call Our Senators re the Health Care Bill

The Senate health care bill can have a more dramatic, direct impact on Georgians than both the Sixth District and Comey/Russian investigation. And, we have some choices on how to affect change but they all involve reaching out to our senators and demanding they protect and help Georgians. You can call our senators, write our senators, meet their staff or participate in a 159 video project. #159HealthCare #159SavetheACA #159SaveMedicaid

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#159CalltoAction: Call Senators and Demand Better Health Care Coverage

This week, senators return to Washington and get back to work. Let's light up their phone systems and messages with the message that ALL GEORGIANS DESERVE HEALTH INSURANCE. Georgia's senators need to hear from you during this important time. They need to hear that Georgians want them to oppose any bill or measure that: 1) cuts and caps the Medicaid program, or 2) reduces coverage for millions of Americans. #159CalltoAction #159NotoTrumpCare

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