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#159CalltoAction: Help Georgians for Healthy Future with Day at Capitol on Feb. 15

About 240,000 Georgians don't make enough to buy health insurance. This is the coverage gap. From 8:45 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 15, Georgians for Healthy Future are holding a Cover Georgia Day. Join them and meet our legislators. It will be a great opportunity to hold our legislators accountable and help put more insurance cards in the pockets of Georgians. #159CalltoAction

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#159CalltoAction: Help Spread Word about ACA Enrollments

The Trump Administration is doing what it can to sabotage the Affordable Care Act sign-ups so the individual markets will implode. Let's do what we can to counter those efforts by help spread the word about the shorten enrollment period and lack of resources. And, while we are at it, maybe make a few phone calls about the lack of respect of the rule of law and human life? #159HealthCare

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#159CalltoAction: Red Alert: Health Care on the Line with Graham-Cassidy Bill 

We're hearing that the Senate is only a few votes away from passing the Graham-Cassidy bill. It is time to mobilize! Graham-Cassidy contains all the harmful cuts of previous GOP health bills, and will kick millions of people off of health insurance. #159CalltoAction #159HealthCare #RedAlert

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#159CalltoAction: Help ProGeorgia with Health Care Phone Banking

ProGeorgia will be hosting a joint phone bank from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday, July 17, at the Philip Rush Center (1530 Dekalb Ave.). The purpose of this phone bank is to call Georgia residents and patch them directly through to the offices of Sen. Johnny Isakson and Sen. David Perdue to encourage them not to let this bill pass the Senate. #159CalltoAction #159HealthCare

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#159CalltoAction: Call Your Senators — Don't Let Up on the Pressure Against the Senate Health Care Bill

Make those calls. Argue that the Senate bill will be devastating for Georgia's rural hospitals. That the cuts to Medicaid will put roughly 1 MILLION children in our fair state at risk. Let that number sink in. Then, make the calls. #159HealthCare #159SaveMedicaid

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#159CalltoAction: Call Our Senators

So, the scramble is on. Can Sen. Mitch McConnell find 52 votes or can we block four votes. We only need four. And, of the two Georgia senators, Sen. Johnny Isakson is our best bet. So, if you can only make one call in the next 48 hours, make it count. #159HealthCare #159SaveMedicaid #159SaveOurHealthCare #159SaveLive

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#159CalltoAction: Rally to Save Our Health Care

It's time to rally to help persuade Sen. Iskason that we ALL have pre-existing conditions and know someone who NEEDS MEDICAID. Join 159 Georgia Together as we rally in front of Sen. Isakson's local office, 3625 Cumberland Blvd SE #970, Atlanta, GA 30339. Bring signs and be ready to tell your stories. #159CalltoAction #159SaveOurHealthCare #159SaveMedicaid

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#159CalltoAction: Share Your Medicaid and ACA Stories

Do you have a story to share on how the proposed cuts in Medicaid or the death of the ACA likely will affect you or loved ones? If so, send us a brief video or recording to goblue@159georgiatgether.com. #159HealthCare #159NotoTrumpCare #159SaveMedicaid #159SavetheACA

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#159CalltoAction: Advocate for Republican Support for Health Care for all Americans

The numbers don't look good for the AHCA as in what the voters support. Check out this New York Times story about what percent of your state’s residents reject/support the ACHA. Then, let's make some calls shall we? #159HealthCare #159NotoTrumpCare #159SaveMedicaid

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#159CalltoAction: Make the Calls to Help with the Opioid Ccrisis

The ACA and Medicaid are essential to addressing substance use disorders and overdose deaths. Both require coverage of essential health benefits such as treatment for mental illness and substance use, ensuring people can access the services and treatment that they need to recover or continue in their recovery. Let's make a few calls to remind our senators of the impact on Georgians battling opioid addictions. #159HealthCare #159NotoTrumpCare #159SaveMedicaid #159SavetheACA

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#159CalltoAction: Make Your Health Care Calls Re Rural Communities

Medicaid cuts would be a disaster for the rural health care system. Georgia has seen six rural hospitals close since 2010, the third highest rate in the country. For those that survive, nearly two thirds of rural hospitals revenues are from Medicare or Medicaid. Any cuts to those programs will kill hospitals that are already losing money. #159SaveRuralHospitals #159NotoTrumpCare #159SavetheACA #159SaveMedicaid

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