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#159CalltoAction: Register Georgia Voters

The best thing you can do to effect real, long-term, progressive change in Georgia this year is to register voters, educate them and get them to the polls. If many groups working together can register 199,999 progressive voters and get them to the polls, we can flip state House and state Senate districts and elect a governor with progressive values. #159CalltoAction #159RegisterNewVoters

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#159CalltoAction: Red Alert: Health Care on the Line with Graham-Cassidy Bill 

We're hearing that the Senate is only a few votes away from passing the Graham-Cassidy bill. It is time to mobilize! Graham-Cassidy contains all the harmful cuts of previous GOP health bills, and will kick millions of people off of health insurance. #159CalltoAction #159HealthCare #RedAlert

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#159CalltoAction: Show Up This Recess

The April recess started Monday. We can lobby our congressional leaders and urge them to meet with us by visiting their offices and requesting townhalls and advocating for health care for all, immigration policy changes, civil rights, voting rights and an independent, nonpartisan investigation of Russia interference in our elections. #159CalltoAction #159ShowUp #159UseOurVoices #159BeHeard

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