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#159CalltoAction: Advocate to Keep DACA Youth in the U.S.

Call both senators and your member of Congress to say that the Dreamers are unintended victims and contribute in meaningful ways to the fabric of the United States. And, you are respectfully asking that they be allowed to stay in the only country they truly know and this be done independently of other immigration actions (limiting number of immigrants and building a wall). #159Immigration

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#159CalltoAction: Federal Budget Showdown

The Trump Administration wants to play roulette with the federal budget and is threatening to veto any stop gap budget measure if it does not include funding for the wall. Let’s remind our representatives we would rather fund science research, quality education, and social programs rather than a billion-dollar wall and $30 billion in new military spending. #159CalltoAction #159FederalBudget #159NoWall

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#159CalltoAction: Humanitarian Response to Air Strikes

The Syrian air strikes last week were disconcerting. Was Congress notified before the Russians? Were they effective? We can express outrage or take action. So let's start a campaign to encourage our senators and other elected representatives to stay the latest incarnation of the Muslim ban and open our borders to Syrian refugees. Let's put humanity first. Send postcards, call, show up in person. #159CalltoAction #159HumanityFirst #159WelcomeAll

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