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#159CalltoAction: Change the climate of conversation about the environment

Is it in your nature to support the environment? Change the climate of conversation about the environment, and read here about educational resources from the Environmental Voter Project, involvement opportunities from the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a climate social event and film event, and the Nov. 7-8 Georgia Climate Project Conference.

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#159CalltoAction: Stop Religious Discrimination Adoption Bill

Senate Bill 375, the "Keep Faith in Adoption & Foster Care Act," cleared a key subcommittee in the Georgia Senate and now goes before the full Senate Judiciary committee. The bill would allow faith-based agencies that receive public funds and ban adoptions by LGBTQ citizens and others. Let's make some calls. #159CalltoAction #159LGBTQRights

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#159CalltoAction: Help Georgians for Healthy Future with Day at Capitol on Feb. 15

About 240,000 Georgians don't make enough to buy health insurance. This is the coverage gap. From 8:45 to 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 15, Georgians for Healthy Future are holding a Cover Georgia Day. Join them and meet our legislators. It will be a great opportunity to hold our legislators accountable and help put more insurance cards in the pockets of Georgians. #159CalltoAction

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