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#159CalltoAction: Call Congressional Delegation to Condemn Trump's Video Attacking Clinton

Donald Trump took his tweets to a new level of misogyny early Sunday morning with he tweeted a video showing him hit a golf ball that then hit Hillary Clinton and knocked her down. Basically, his tweet advocates violence against women. Let's make a few phone calls to say this is not OK. The world should be safer for women not less so because of who is sitting in the Oval Office. #159CalltoAction #159NotoViolenceAgainstWomen

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#159CalltoAction: Individual Ways You Can Fight Racism

While we grapple with the question and search for answers on how to end racism, here is a good article that has been updated in recent days to get us started. Pick one item off the list and do it this week. Report back on how things went. We will do the same. The solution to this challenge lies with us. #159NotoHate #159CalltoAction

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#159CalltoAction: Rally to Save Our Health Care

It's time to rally to help persuade Sen. Iskason that we ALL have pre-existing conditions and know someone who NEEDS MEDICAID. Join 159 Georgia Together as we rally in front of Sen. Isakson's local office, 3625 Cumberland Blvd SE #970, Atlanta, GA 30339. Bring signs and be ready to tell your stories. #159CalltoAction #159SaveOurHealthCare #159SaveMedicaid

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