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#159CalltoAction: Stop Religious Discrimination Adoption Bill

Senate Bill 375, the "Keep Faith in Adoption & Foster Care Act," cleared a key subcommittee in the Georgia Senate and now goes before the full Senate Judiciary committee. The bill would allow faith-based agencies that receive public funds and ban adoptions by LGBTQ citizens and others. #159CalltoAction #159LGBTQRights

This bill is wrong on so many levels. It would legislate discrimination. One argument to make when calling full Senate Judiciary Committee members is the impact this legislation and other religious freedom bills would have on Atlanta's bid to become Amazon's second headquarters. Another argument to make is the number of children in foster homes in Georgia. They all deserve a chance to have a healthy, secure family. This bill is a solution in want of a problem.

Now is not the time, nor is it ever, to play politics with people's rights. Let's make some calls, shall we? And, if one of these senators is your representative, let he or she know.

The Numbers

  • Chair: Jessie Stone, 404-463-1314, jesse.stone@senate.ga.gov
  • Vice chair: Bill Cowsert, 404-463-1366, bill.cowsert@senate.ga.gov
  • Secretary: Blake Tillery, 404-656-0089, blake.tillery@senate.ga.gov
  • Harold Jones II, 404-463-3942, harold.jones@senate.ga.gov
  • John F. Kennedy, 404-656-0045, john.kennedy@senate.ga.gov
  • Greg Kirk, (404) 463-5258, greg.kirk@senate.ga.gov
  • William Ligon Jr., 404-463-1383, william.ligon@senate.ga.gov
  • Josh McKoon, 404-463-3931, jrm2016@yahoo.com
  • Elena Parent, 404-656-5109, elena.parent@senate.ga.gov
  • Michael "Doc" Rhett, 404-656-0054, michael.rhett@senate.ga.gov
  • Brian Strickland, 404-656-7454, brian.strickland@senate.ga.gov
  • Curt Thompson, 404-463-1318, curt@curtthompson.com